Replace the Summertime Blues with Non-stop Enriching Fun that WILL Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy!

 Imagine providing your children with a fulfilling summer experience brimming with low-cost, high-fun activities that will keep them active and off of the sofa--not to mention out of your hair!  It's time you join the parents who know the secret of a great summer the entire family can enjoy!

Dear Friend, 

Too often days that should be spent "Walkin' on Sunshine" degenerate into a nasty case of the "Summertime Blues."  If you are a parent, you probably understand the situation.

Your children run home as the last school bell of the year rings without any real plan for their free time, other than avoiding desks and teachers.

Meanwhile, you hear that same bell and realize your life is about to be turned upside down.

"I'm bored!"
"There's nothing to do!"
"I'm just gonna watch t.v."

You know you are going to hear those lines over and over again for three months.  And that's just the beginning.  You'll also get some sibling spats, a few parent-child arguments, more gray hair, and a sense of disappointment and frustration that summer didn't work out the way anyone really wanted it to...

Often, summer vacations turn into little more than video game marathons, potato chip eating adventures and a permanent dent approximating the size and shape of your kid's backside on the sofa.  

It's a horribly wasted opportunity.

Your kids could be enjoying themselves all summer long.  They could be occupied with fun activities, games and pastimes.  Your children could spend their time learning and growing while you enjoy actual peace and solitude at home.  

Summer vacation doesn't have to make parents quake with fear or make children groan in bored agony.  You can create an awesome summer experience for your kids.

You just need a plan.

Unfortunately, unless you know exactly what you are doing, the plan you devise may backfire.  What seems like a great idea for you may sound like a horrible drag to your children.  You need a reservoir of ideas from which you can draw fantastic summer activity ideas that will meet with approval from your child-critic.

Some parents seem to have a "knack" for coming up with the perfect game or event.  They seem to have a "touch" when it comes to providing their kids with perfect opportunities.  Usually, however, that "gift" is the byproduct of experience (personal or professional) and a great deal of knowledge.

Why not give yourself that knowledge?  

You can become one of the world's greatest summer activity coordinators if you have the right ideas and suggestions in your hands!  You need action plans that will give your children something to do that is more fun than television shows and more productive than developing video game skills.  You need some quality, matter-of-fact recommendations and plans to cure the summertime blues once and for all.

That's why I am offering you
Curing the Summertime Blues.

This is not a little ten-page report filled with a few old summer ideas that you may have already tried.  This is an amazing ebook detailing nearly one hundred different great activities that will keep children happy and excited throughout the summer months.  These tested and proven fun strategies can make vacation the most enjoyable--and valuable--time of the year.  There's no reason to allow summer to pass uneventfully. A break from school can be an enriching experience for parents and children alike.

Curing the Summertime Blues covers:

cmDozens of awesome activities and ideas

cmOutdoor adventures suitable for any back yard

cmIndoor fun that doesn't involve television

cmEasy, low-cost craft projects kids absolutely LOVE

cmCreative spins on long-enjoyed summer fun

cmSummer ideas that enrich while they entertain

cmKitchen projects for boys and girls

cmIdeas and plans that will spur YOUR creativity


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Curing the Summertime Blues.  

It's not an ebook providing a tired, used up cookie cutter game ideas.  It's legitimately concerned with showing you how to facilitate summer breaks your kids will love filled with lessons they will never forget.  It's stuffed with great ideas for children of all ages and interests.

You'll learn great ways to keep your kids entertained while providing them with a valuable experience.  But these aren't mere "school lessons in disguise."  They are FUN ideas that kids will love.

Curing the Summertime Blues provides you with everything you need to turn chants of "I'm bored" or a chorus of "There's nothing to do" into laughter and excitement.

As a parent, you know what summers can be like.  You can also imagine just how great they could be for both you and your kids.  The don't have to feature days on the sofa and frustrating whining.  They don't have to be wasted time.  You can transform your children's summer into a rewarding experience with Curing the Summertime Blues for only $XX.XX.

If you are in anyway dissatisfied with this e-book in anyway, you can get a complete 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is ask.

There is no risk and there will be no questions or hard feelings and definitely no hoops!

You're happy or your get your money back!

Curing the Summertime Blues

is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

But so you know that you can order this e-book completely risk free I have included my...

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


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P.S Remember, this ebook is going to make summers great--both for your children and for you.  Why not make summer vacation a rewarding and enjoyable time for the whole family?

P.S.S.  You have a full 30 days to get 100% of your money back if you are dissatisfied in any way!


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