"Fully Illustrated, Step-By-Easy-Step Manual Takes You By The Hand To Help You ALL THE WAY in Publishing Your Book In Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook & Lulu.Com's iBook!"

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Publishing Package Details Step-By-Step How To Publish Your Book on Lulu.Com, Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook.

This Fully Illustrated Instructions Walk You To A Smooth, Hassle-Free Publishing Process That Will Save You Time & Money. Includes Power Point Presentation."

This publishing manual is composed of 4 Modules:
MODULE 1 -Top 10 Digital Publishing Tips
(in Powerpoint Presentation Format)
Turning an idea for a book in your head into a successful digital publication requires co-ordinating a whole lot of different steps to create that one hit. Tens of thousands of digital books are published every month, but only a fraction of them will sell more than a thousand copies. How do you make sure your book is one of the few that succeeds? How do you hit the top charts? How do you sell and sell and sell your books, even if you don’t have a brand or a reputation to rely on now? These ten digital publishing tips will help you do just that.

MODULE 2 - Kindle Publishing Step by Step Guide
Amazon’s Kindle bookstore is one of the fastest growing platforms for getting your work out into the world. Digitally published content is Amazon’s fastest growing segment. More and more authors are coming on to their publishing network every day. More importantly, more and more people are purchasing Kindles and making digital book purchases every day. The Kindle bookstore can be a fantastic way to both bring in a new income stream, as well as introduce new people to your ideas and product funnel. People often see publishing on the Kindle as much more difficult than it really is. The reality is, submitting your book to the Kindle store takes just a few hours. Here’s how to publish your book on Amazon Kindle’s bookstore.

MODULE 3 - Publishing to iBooks Using Lulu
Apple’s iBooks platform is one of the three largest online bookstores. Publishing to the iBookstore will make your digital book available to anyone who has either an iPhone or an iPad. To date, over 365 million iOS devices have been sold – Putting the number of iOS users at higher than the United States population. If you’re serious about publishing a digital book, the iBookstore is simply a platform that you can’t afford to ignore.  Unfortunately, publishing to the iBookstore on your own can be quite a difficult task. For one, you must have a Mac, not a PC. Even if you have a Mac, Apple’s procedures for publishing to the iBookstore are not crystal clear. Perhaps the best (and fastest) way to get your book into the iBookstore is to use an approved third party publisher. Lulu is one of the largest approved publishers in Apple’s network. They publish over 20,000 books every single month. Founded in 2002 by Bob Young, to date they’ve helped publishers from over 200 different countries get their works into the world.

MODULE 4 - Publishing on the Nook – A Step by Step Guide
The Barnes & Nobles Nook device is an Android-based e-reader device that incorporates Amazon’s pioneering E-Ink technology. The price of the device ranges from $99 for the Simple Touch reader to $249 for the Nook Color. One difference between the Nook and the Kindle is the Nook’s “GlowLight” technology. This makes it easy for people who own a Nook to read books in the dark, something that the Kindle is completely incapable of doing. Publishing on the Nook gives you access to millions of highly active readers. The Nook and the Kindle are often neck in neck in terms of sales. If you’re publishing your book on either the Kindle store or the iBookstore, there’s no reason not to also publish on the Nook bookstore.

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