A Collection of 4 Awesome WordPress Plugins

WP Ad Sharing

  • One of the best ways to attract new users to your network is to offer them a share of the advertising revenue from their blogs.
  • This plugin makes it extremely simple to split advertising revenue in a fair way, based on the number of impressions on their blog.
  • It keeps track of all of the numbers for you and splits the revenue based on your selections. This is also a fantastic way to monetize an existing network.
  • Add this as a new feature and spark up your users to start generating more income for you and for themselves.
  • Placing ads and sharing the income has never been easier for you!


  • Fair, equitable, and very attractive way to share ad revenue
  • No need to touch the code or alter template files to insert ad codes
  • Use any advertising partners you want – adsense, context ads, etc.
  • Sharing revenue motivates your users to promote your site


The Ad Sharing Plugin is Easy to Use:

Simply upload this plugin and you can choose:

  • to display ads before and/or after your content
  • to the split in impressions that you’d like to make with your users
  • the code that you’d like displayed



 WP MailChimp

Email marketing is HARD – if you want to do emails seriously, you’re going to want to use a professional third party service… and one of the favorite 3rd party mailing services is MailChimp.

This plugin slots into a WordPress Multisite or single user WordPress blog and allows you to simply login and then select which MailChimp list you want to:

  • Add new users to
  • And/or import existing users to

Check out how easy it is to use below – and start sending beautiful email newsletters, getting great reports and managing your email lists in some serious style.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Set up an account with MailChimp and create a new list of users e.g. Edublogs.org users
  2. Upload the plugin to your WP install
  3. Once the plugin is activated go to Network Admin -> Settings -> MailChimp (or Settings -> MailChimp in regular WP)
  4. Add your MailChimp API Key and choose your desired MailChimp configuration


Presto!  Your users are imported into your account MailChimp.

Now you can send emails to all your users using MailChimp’s easy mail creation tools:

And best of all, when users or blogs are deleted/spammed in Multisite or BuddyPress, they get removed from your MailChimp list, saving you money!


WP Pop-Over!

One of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list, special offer or simply to show ads is via javascript ‘pop over’ on your site. And that’s exactly what his easy-to-use and guaranteed-to-work plugin does.

Here is just a taste of what it can do:

  • Display fancy pop up(s) (powered as a popover!) to visitors network wide, per site or on specific URLs
  • Hassle-free interface. Creating your new pop over is as simple as adding a new post to your WordPress blog.
  • Extensive options for customizing who sees your pop overs including logged out users, visitors who have never commented , search engine visitors.
  • Includes optional hide a pop over forever.
  • Ability to set the amount of time that passes between when the user hits your site and when the pop up displays
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. Customize the style and layout of your pop over to fit with your existing site design.
  • Works perfectly with WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress.
  • Use this plugin on any WordPress project you like.
  • Control your Pop Up display by viewer’s Geographic Location!

Below is a popover ad, for WPMU DEV running on WPMU.org – which uses this plugin, and sends visitors to WPMU DEV Premium.

And of course it even contains a link allowing users to click it and never see the popover again… just to take care of the complainers! Not that we’ve ever had a single complaint!

Once installed, it’s really simple, just activate it and go to Pop Over > Create New to get started.

Then paste in your ad code… whether its javascript or an image. And select it’s size, borders, background color, position and even font color.

Then, set the display rules, namely: Show the Pop Over if one of the following checked rules is true:

  • Visitor is not logged in.
  • Visitor has never commented here before.
  • Visitor came from a search engine.
  • Visitor did not come from an internal page.
  • Visitor referrer matches
  • And the visitor has seen the pop over less than  X  times
  • Visitor is in a specific country
  • Visitor is arriving from a specific link

And you’re good to go!


WP Protect Selected Content

Frustrated because you’d just like to password protect select content within a post or page and not the entire content, and don’t care to install a full featured membership plugin to do it?

We feel your pain.  Which is why the Password Protect Selected Content Plugin was created!

Simply drop it into plugins and once activated you’ll see a nice new ‘Password Protect’ icon added to your Visual editor that you can use to password protect selected content.


Now it is a simple as select your content to protect and add the password.

Now they’ll be able to see what you want them to read while needing to enter a password to view

the protected content.

You can even protect shortcodes from other plugins in your content, such as video embeds or file download links.


WP Golden 4 Pack | PLR
A Collection of 4 WordPress Plugins. Ad Sharing, MailChimp Integration, Pop Over, & Password Protect... all with Unrestricted Private Label Rights.
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