You CAN Turn Your Small Business Into A Big Producer!  Why Barely Make Ends Meet (Or Worse) When You Can Experience Massive Profits?


 You've started your own small business and although you aren't starving (yet?) the money just isn't rolling in the way you had planned.  You are not alone  thousands of small businesses fail to live up to expectations.  Most don't even last a year.  Yet others seem to grow exponentially, posting enviable profits month after month.  What's the difference between these small business powerhouses and your struggling enterprise? 


MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses will show you how to go from treading water to riding the crest of the money wave!

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Almost all of us who have, or do, operate small businesses know that disgusting feeling.  After pouring our heart and soul (along with blood, sweat and tears) into our new business, there just doesn't seem to be a payout.  

Sure, we might make a little money. Some of us may even scrape up just enough to keep the whole project afloat for a little while longer.  But we certainly aren't making the money we projected.  We aren't reaching our goals. It's obvious that our small business is going nowhere.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are thousands of highly successful small businesses.  There are probably a few in your industry that seem to be doing so well while you struggle.  You know about small business success stories--that's what attracted you to your business in the first place.

What are they doing that you aren't?

That's the million dollar question, isn't it?  What separates high earners from strugglers?  What is your business missing that the successful operators have?  What is the missing ingredient?

MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses is the answer thousands of small business operators have been looking for!

MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses reveals proven marketing strategies that can propel a floundering small business into the moneymaking machine you've always wanted.

Over and over again, the difference between the winners and the losers is the ability to market their business successfully.  If you don't know how the right tricks and strategies and rely on tired old methods of promotion, you may never move beyond "just getting by," and there's a strong chance you might end up being one of the unlucky former small business owners.

MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses provides a wealth of information and tips for moving your small business forward. It's written in a friendly, easy-to-read style and isn't just another cookie cutter marketing text.  Written specifically with newer small business owners in mind,

MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses is a one-of-a-kind analysis of how to get the job done right!

Anyone can learn the framework for small business marketing success.  Anyone can benefit from the helpful tips and perspective of 

Knowledge is always power.  That holds true for finding the right way to market your small business.  A good resource can help you transform your professional life from a struggle into a triumph.

Why not give yourself that knowledge?  

Get your copy of 
For Small Businesses.

This is not a little ten-page report filled with the same old song and dance.  This is REAL information and a genuine perspective on how to experience marketing success even on a shoestring budget.  
MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses covers scores of issues and strategies--many of which you may have never even known about before.  It is the perfect addition to your home business library!

MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses reveals...

cmThe two advantages you already have and how to use them to maximize your marketing power!

cmA series of specific marketing strategies and how you can implement them to help improve your bottom line!

cmThe critical question you must ask every time you consider a new marketing move!

cmTips on how to find inspiration for new strategies!

cmThe one thing you must know before you'll ever have a shot at success--and how to find it!

cmA step-by-step way to build your marketing plan!


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from 

.  But don't think for a split-second that's all it offers.  

This ebook is overflowing with awesome information and great tips!

You'll learn more new ideas and essential information about concepts that are already familiar to you.  From blogging to press releases to proven means of decreasing marketing costs at every turn, 
MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK For Small Businesses details the process of successful small business marketing.

For Small Businesses
 provides you with everything you need to adopt strategies that have worked for others, taking them from the basement to the penthouse.

It's time you gave yourself a marketing edge.  It's time you have your small business a real chance for success.  Get 

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For Small Businesses

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