Who Else Would Like To Own 50 High-Resolution Digitized Paintings of Post-Impressionist Master Paul Cezanne?

Use These Images Anyway You Wish - they are public domain. Print & Sell Them, Use Them as Web Images & Backgrounds or Simply View Them And Turn Your Living Room Into Instant Art Gallery

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Thanks to the digital revolution, you do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy the paintings of one of history's great painters.

This CD features 50 outstanding copyright & royalty-free digitized paintings of Paul Cezanne. These are mostly high resolution images
(unlike the images you see on the web) that can be enlarged and printed on 8" X 10" to 24" X 30" media and still remain breathtaking.

These paintings are
copyright & royalty-free, you can use them for any personal or commercial purposes. Yes you can print & sell them as greeting cards, framed reproduction arts, posters, giclees, walllpaper, etc.

You can use them as web images & backgrounds too just as you see them in this page and on the CD cover. You can use them wholly or in part in your graphic design projects. You can practically do anything you wish with them.

They would be ideal for:


For an art student and art afficinado - this CD will prove as invaluable resource & reference!

The images on the CD are in jpg format. The images range from 500,000 pixels to over 4 million pixels! They have been painstakingly digitally enhanced to bring out their likeness to the physical counterparts. 

Please note: the images in this page have been reduced for web viewing. The CD are much larger in size. These CDs work on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

About The Artist (Paul Cezanne)

Paul Cézanne (19 January 1839 – 22 October 1906) was a French painter whose work late in his painting career led to a new and radically different art form in the 20th century.

Considered as a post impressionist painter like van Gogh, Cézanne can be said to have constructed the bridge between Impressionism and Cubism that was articulated by Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. Indeed so great was Cezanne's influence on Matisse and Picasso that they fondly call him " the father of us all".

Paul Cézanne, largely unknown to the public in his lifetime, is appreciated by a small group of art lovers. He is an artist who lives in Provence, away from the world; he is supposed to have served as model for the Impressionist painter Claude Lantier, described by Zola in his celebrated novel "L'Oeuvre.

"Cézanne has painted landscapes, rustic scenes and still-life pictures. His figures are clumsy and brutal and inharmonious in colour, but his landscapes have the merit of a robust simplicity of vision. These pictures are almost primitive, and they are loved by the young Impressionists because of their exclusion of all "cleverness."

A charm of rude simplicity and sincerity can be found in these works in which Cézanne employs only just the means which are indispensable for his end. His still-life pictures are particularly interesting owing to the spotless brilliancy of their colours, the straightforwardness of the tones, and the originality of certain shades analogous to those of old faience.

Cézanne is a conscientious painter without skill, intensely absorbed in rendering what he sees, and his strong and tenacious attention has sometimes succeeded in finding beauty. He reminds more of an ancient Gothic craftsman, than of a modern artist, and he is full of repose as a contrast to the dazzling virtuosity of so many painters.

So What Can You Do With These Digitized Paintings?

Turn Your Living Room Into An Instant Art Gallery

You do not have to go to a Museum to take a quick look at among the most prized and revolutionary art pieces ever created. Just pop the CD into your PC or TV with DVD player (Plasma TV would bring out the best image), play it on slide mode and voila! - you can enjoy and contemplate at these paintings for hours anytime you want!

Print Them 

Yes, you can reproduce in print these digital images to any size you want (8 X 10 to 24 X 36 for best quality).  You can frame and hang them on your walls, create greeting cards and scrapbooking items out of them, etc. Your imagination is the limit! Hint: you can even sell the items you created from them for profit. They are public domain and therefore are copyright & royalty free.

Use Them or Sections of Them as Web & Images & Graphic Designs

You can use these paintings to create nice backgrounds for your website or graphic design projects. If you struggle of the ultimate best in design -the sort of designs that attract business, these images are the answer! (Again, there's no one to challenge to you since they are public domain).

Use Them in Your Art & Craft Projects

These digitized images are perfect for decoupage, scrapbooking, silkscreen, T-shirt, mug, coaster, refrigerator magnet, mousepad & fabric printing, etc. With 50 images you'd have a huge inventory of designs created by none other than one of the best artists that ever lived!

And Many More!

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